James Barry

Passionate perfumer, therapist (LCSW), artist, musician, niche fragrance collector, and sometimes fragrance reviewer.

From a young age, creative hobbies have come like second nature to me.  I was a full time artist at one point, selling my paintings in Eastern United States. I have produced and recorded albums of original songs.  Self teaching plays a big role in my art and music styles, and I have carried that over to perfumery.

Most of my free time is now dedicated to perfumery and striving to create rich fragrances that veer from the mainstream and what has already been done. Without the influence of teachers, traditional rules of perfumery, or abiding by IFRA regulations, the creative direction is steered from within and inspired by my own life and desires of what perfume should be.  

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” they say.  Lets see how that translates here, because I aim to be the change that I have been wanting to see in the fragrance world.