Bespoke Consultation (1 hour meeting)


This non-refundable appointment fee is the first step in the journey of having your own potential custom fragrance created by TSVGA perfumer, James Barry.  You will discuss the idea of your perfume, as well as materials.  Discussion around a custom perfume creation will not occur without payment for the appointment. This ensures I am only working with serious customers who want to pursue the bespoke creation. After you pay for the appointment, email or use the contact form to schedule the appointment.  


Custom bottle: 

Varies starting at $25 for simple bottle, and can be hundreds for more intricate sculpting/painting on the bottle.  


(Optional) You may choose to sample first. Each sample will be a different variation of the fragrance you are requesting. Samples will be 1.5-5ml each

Cost per sample: $89

Cost of rights to the formula:

(This is optional) TBD. For an additional fee I will sell you the formula to do with as you wish.

Cost of final fragrance per ml: 

Ball park $25-$50. Could go above that depending on materials and concentration. A better estimate will be given upon further discussion.

You must buy at least 60ml of your bespoke fragrance. 

Payment for the remainder of the balance will be accepted through PayPal, Venmo, or Cryptocurrency. Minimum total cost will be at least $1725 in total for 60ml.