The most bold, daring, animalic fragrance on the market. What way to truly capture the essence of genuine civet paste other than to include the civet paste as a whole ingredient, rather than an extraction? There is no other way. So that is exactly what has been done here in “Goochi.”  

Civet paste infused with a heavy dose of gorgeous Red Frangipani absolute, Hindi Oud, Mysore Sandalwood, and a floral incense accord comprised of floral absolutes and essential oils, frankincense and myrrh, and smoky, leathery fossilized amber.

This is for lovers of perfumery as a niche art form that have an appreciation for raw ingredients and want to have an experience with true animal musk (civet) as a whole ingredient that has not been compromised via extraction methods or overpowered heavily by other ingredients. The civet is the main ingredient and star of this composition. Red Frangipani takes the stage in the opening and makes it a more pleasant experience for those that may be off-put by civet on its own. Though, civet paste worn by itself, is a truly wonderful and unique experience that many cherish, so this will surely satisfy that group of people as well. There is a lovely gradual transition from the beautifully realistic floral opening into its deepest animalic state as you wear this on skin.

This fragrance is not for the faint of heart, or beginners to niche perfumes. This is a next-level experience that stands out from anything else on the shelves.

50% concentration of pure ingredients in jojoba oil for consistency. 

100% natural

No alcohol

No isolates

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