New Zealand White Ambergris Tincture 5%


These are the best chunks of ambergris I have found…by far.  I have tried many pieces, many colors, from many regions.  These blew me away.  You can see a video of me discussing these pieces in the video below. You may choose between the more animal one or the more aquatic one. I suggest both if you are not on a budget.  These will not only serve as longevity boosters in your blend, but will also add beautiful scent profile to boost any type of fragrance

Note that the more animalic one has a much stronger smell. The aquatic one is more mild, but certainly does its job as a fixative. You just have to use more for the nuances to pop in the blend.

Beware that most ‘ambergris’ out there is fake. I obtain mine from one of the few legitimate sources in the world.

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