Honoring some of the original DNA of “A Man and his Pipe,” yet veering in a new direction as to not be redundant; “Pipe” is a 100% Natural (and isolate-free) true tobacco bomb highlighting mainly Burley tobacco absolute, followed by Virginia tobacco absolute. Tobacco is much more of a focus in this version. Rich, syrupy, fruity, sweet tobacco. The experience of the freshly picked sticky leaves as they transition to dry leaves in the drying process. You will have a similar transition happen on skin. 

Paired with tobacco in the opening, your nose will be delighted by the warmth of Kopi Luwak coffee tincture, which tames as the creamer gets poured in, represented by: vanilla co2, cacao, benzoin, and almond. But you don’t stop there, because you need a little extra comfort today. So you pour a little whiskey in. This fragrance exudes warmth and comfort. It is very smooth as opposed to “A man and his Pipe” which was intended to be more ‘rough.’

One of the challenges in creating an all-natural re-imagining of its predecessor, was creating a realistic leather accord. There are many synthetic options that can do the job on their own, but the same can not be said in the world of naturals. Eventually the “TSVGA animalic leather accord” was born, which can be purchased as an accord on its own on the TSVGA website.

The musks will appear more in the drydown. Aside from the ones already in the animalic leather accord, there is: a beautiful dark castoreum tincture that also has tobacco-like nuances. Propolis tincture. Civet tincture. Hyraceum tincture. Muskrat tincture. Ambergris tincture. And deer musk tincture. 

There are 75 ingredients in this blend. Not all to be revealed, but some supporting elements to note: various dried fruit tinctures and osmanthus absolute to bring out more of the fruitiness of the tobacco, rose absolute, elder flower absolute, marigold co2, immortelle absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, spices, patchouli, and various woods. 

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