Osmanthus Toboggan 

One of the debut releases that was mixed media – to be re-released as all natural with some other improvements.

Blue Heaven

Another mixed media debut release.  The most synthetic TSVGA blend that was ever made at a whopping 50% synthetic.  The re-formulation of this one to become all natural has been quite the difficult process.  It’s re-release is far down the line, if at all.


The secretive debut release that was re-released as “Jux2position” to be all natural with much improvement all around.

A Man and His Pipe

Originally thinking the perfect tobacco bomb already exists on the market, I did not want to create another.  So yes this was a tobacco fragrance, but it was equal parts many other things as well.  I have since changed my mind after spending more time with what I once believed were good tobacco fragrances.  The perfect tobacco bomb has not been done.  I am going to do it with version 2, and it is also going to follow my trend of re-releases becoming all natural.  I have some beautiful tobacco absolutes to use this time around.

Wine & Chocolate

I can’t help but be offended if this was your favorite release of mine.  Wine and chocolate is absolute garbage and I don’t know why I ever even thought it was good enough to release.  Clearly there is something there since it became so popular, but if you are an artist perhaps you also understand the dynamic of: creating new works, thinking they are great at the time, then as your skill progresses, those works you once thought were great, you now think are trash.  

This has been requested to be an exclusive for Royal Boutique in Saudi Arabia, so this may be happening, but I will no longer be selling it and I wish not for my talents to be associated with this piece.


I am currently unsure of what the future looks like for Myrhhder.  It is the last thing in stock that is mixed media.  If I re-work it to be all natural, it will change significantly, as 2 major ingredients are synthetic aroma molecules.  We will see, but right now, it is not a priority.