TSVGA PARFVMS LLC assumes no liability for potential allergic reactions, or harm caused by not following these guidelines. Reading and Accepting these terms are required before being able to view items in store and purchase.

Shipping options list an approximation of how long items will take to be delivered. These approximations are not guaranteed and refunds will not happen just because shipping is taking longer than expected. We all need to be considerate of the fact that once it is in the hands of the postal service, it is out of our control. If you would like to contact the postal carrier regarding your concerns about delivery, feel free to do so. You have the tracking number. It is not to be put on TSVGA to do this. Extra time for delivery especially needs to be expected during COVID.

TSVGA is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. Once you have received your tracking number and the postal service has received the order, the job of TSVGA has completed and the rest is in the fate of the postal service. If you are worried about theft from your front door or mailbox, you may want to consider getting a PO box.  There is an add on option for every fragrance to purchase shipping insurance. This is the only way to receive compensation in the event of a loss during shipping. In that event, you are responsible for filing the claim.  Any additional info you need for the claim will be provided.  TSVGA is not responsible for following up with postal service or customs if an item is lost or taking longer than expected in transit. You are provided with a tracking number to do this yourself if need be. 

If you do not read these disclaimers and you email me about any of the above mentioned, I will simply link you to this page to re-read. Maybe someday the company will grow to where there is a level of customer support that has staff who can help track down orders, or the resources to take on more liability with shipping mishaps, but at its early growing phases, these things are just not feasible.    I understand this is not ideal.  

International Shipping

UPS and USPS are your options at checkout. If you use USPS, note that tracking usually stops once the package has left the US. It is then in the hands of your countries customs and postal service and there is nothing TSVGA or USPS can do to follow up, so that needs to be done on your end. There may be long waiting periods with no updates. This has not been an issue with most countries, but there have been a few (sweden, saudi arabia, kazakhstan) that were held in their customs for several months. There will be no refunds if customs is holding your package for an unfair amount of time. I am telling you right now this is a possibility, as the postal service has told me each country is entitled to hold something for as long as they want to and there is nothing we can do about it. This is a crappy thing but I am as transparent about it as I could possibly be so that you can make an informed decision, and then choose to buy shipping insurance with your purchase if you do not want to take on this risk. An extra few dollars for peace of mind seems well worth it. I always declare as essential oils with a lower value so you dont have high taxes to pay on it upon import.

Fragrance Art

TSVGA is “fragrance art,” which is a category on its own. Use TSVGA fragrances like you would with any other fragrance: AT YOUR OWN RISK. All fragrances have been tested on the myself and friends prior to release and there have been no issues, but everyones skin is different.  I would give the same advice if my fragrances were all synthetic.  I do not believe naturals are toxic or more dangerous, in fact quite the opposite, as we are straight up lied to by a corrupt agency telling us these synthetics are safe when the majority of the population knows from their own experience that this is false (read more about this in “Natural Perfumery” in the drop down menu).  If you are using TSVGA fragrances on skin (again, if you choose to do this, it is at your own risk), and you have sensitive skin, it may be best to test on a small patch of skin first. To avoid skin irritation… simply avoid spraying on skin. Spray on cloth instead. This is just fragrance art in a bottle.


Please email if you have allergies to any ingredients BEFORE YOU BUY.  I will confirm or deny the existence of said ingredients in each perfume (since I do not openly provide note breakdowns).  I do use real oakmoss in several perfumes.  I note in the description if I use nut oils in any of them.

Skin testing if you have sensitive skin

Never test on open wounds, abrasions, rashes, or any pre-existing injuries. Spray on a test strip of some kind to be able to control rubbing a small amount on your skin in desired location on arm. Watch for redness and if reaction occurs, rinse off that patch of skin with soap and water.

Common sense

Do not drink perfume or you will get very sick and maybe die.

Perfume is not a toy and should be kept safely away from small children.  TSVGA and its affiliates are not liable if you do not take these precautions. 

Keep perfume away from open flame.

No liability will be assumed by TSVGA or its affiliates if you choose to drink perfume, spray into eyes,  into mouth, open wounds, rashes, etc. 

If you are pregnant, do your own due diligence to learn what ingredients may be unsafe for you or the baby. TSVGA and its affiliates are not responsible for any potential harm caused.

Return Policy

Absolutely no returns.


These perfumes are dark in color (done so naturally), and will stain clothing, so it is not recommended to spray on clothes. TSVGA is not responsible for replacing stained clothing if you choose not to follow this suggestion.

Buying used bottles in the fragrance community

Please note that  the original circular TSVGA bottles are refillable and can be easily tampered with if you are buying a used bottle from someone in the fragrance community. TSVGA is not responsible for this. 

Defective products

TSVGA will always send replacements if products happen to leak or break due to defectiveness.  A bottle should be functional for the life of the fragrance (unless you mistreat it).