King of Pipe


King of Pipe #1. 50ml (current batch)

This special version of Pipe is even HEAVIER on the tobacco. Each bottle will contain the regular extrait, PLUS: 2 more grams of the Burley tobacco absolute, 1 more gram of the Virginia tobacco absolute, and 2 more grams of a mix of some other tobacco absolutes I have, including a very special one that was not used in Pipe. This will equate to a ratio of 90% Pipe extrait and 10% added tobacco absolutes. This will result in an even thicker extrait. If Pipe didn’t already wear the crown in your collection for tobacco fragrances, King of Pipe surely will. In my opinion, this is an improvement for Pipe. It is much more smooth and rich.

Each batch is only 6 bottles.

King of Pipe #2

Will come once batch 1 sells out and will have variations…

will update immediately once batch 1 sells out and create batch 2

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