Strawberry Seduction


“That guilty pleasure smell you no longer need to feel guilty about loving. That trashy ‘body-works’ spray that got your hormones raging in high school…now made with the finest quality raw natural ingredients only.”

The most genuine strawberry fragrance you will find… because it is made with real organic strawberries. A blast of it in the opening, which melts into the balance of rose (otto and absolute), and vanilla. No isolates whatsoever. Pure vanilla absolutes, co2 extraction, and tincture accompanied by some almond for extra creamy goodness. Ylang, lavender, and osmanthus contribute to its beauty. Blue lotus, civet, ambergris, and muskrat contribute to its sex appeal and allure.

This fragrance was over a year in-the-making. Endlessly tinkering with the proportions of strawberry to rose to vanilla to get the balance right where I wanted it. This process resulted in my discontinuation of the use of “fruit essences” composed of ‘natural’ isolates that I found were having the same bothersome effect on me as synthetics. I had to get creative to find a way to capture strawberry like never before- and use the real thing. This process will remain a secret. I am very happy with the result and I think you will be as well. 

I often scoff at gender being assigned to fragrances and colors. That does not take away the fact that as a man attracted to women, there are certain smells that I find very sexy on them (likely due to my conditioning around that during puberty and what girls around me were wearing). This is the epitome of what I find sexy on a woman. Will I wear this as a man? Is it for other men? Absolutely, without question. Will I enjoy it on a woman I am into? Even more so. Will women/men enjoy this on men? Everyone has different taste, but I wouldn’t doubt some folks will be into a man who is comfortable smelling of this much beauty. Not to forget the most important thing… will you enjoy this on yourself? I will spare you the details on the effect I have on myself when I smell this on my skin…

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