Wine and Chocolate 2 (Ships by March 3rd)


This all-natural re-creation is quite different from the original… and significantly better/higher quality. Much more smooth and rich in cacao. Doesn’t have those sharp turpenic and sour notes like the original. I did not use wine to make an absolute this time (because who knows what was in that cheap wine😂). Instead, I made a floral wine accord with Valerian, Davana, White Cognac, Rose, Jasmine Grandiflorum, White Champaca, Red Champaca, and other secrets I shall not reveal… overall, significantly more expensive to produce than the original. Enjoy.

Notes/ingredients: Natural Floral Wine Accord, Cacao Absolute, Cranberry, Strawberry, Black Current, Amber, Mysore Sandalwood, Oakwood, Cedar, Tonka, Vanilla, Natural Sweet Caramel Accord, and a touch of Burley Tobacco. Just yum.

All natural. Vegan.

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