Osmanthus Toboggan MD


Osmanthus will take you for a ride.  In this new, all natural version, I used a gorgeous juicy, fruity Osmanthus.  Some Osmanthus has some mild indolic or leathery nuances, but not this one.  When I discovered this ingredient at the beginning of my perfuming journey, I thought it was one of the most beautiful smells on Earth, and a perfume on its own, so I knew I wanted to make a perfume with Osmanthus as the main ingredient, and I have stuck with that concept for this new version.

Juicy Osmanthus is supported by other florals used in light proportions such as: orange blossom absolute, orange flower CO2, white champaca essential oil, Honeybush CO2, Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute, Orris butter, and Frangipani Absolute. Cedrat, Blood Orange, Clementine, and Yuzu make it all shine right from the opening as you get a blast of a refreshing citrus popsicle on a hot summer day.  

The fragrance is really brought to life by the musks.  Muskrat compliments the fruity, uplifting elements of the florals.  New Zealand White Ambergris and Brown ambergris (quadruple the amount that was in the original version) add slight aquatic nuances and keep the fragrance lasting on skin. A touch of Siberian Deer musk and Civet linger mostly undetectable in the background.  

The fragrance is balanced with various resins, oud, Mysore Sandalwood, vanilla, spices and oakmoss.  On top of the slightly increased Borneo Oud from the original version, an “Oudless Oud Accord” was made (with all essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, CO2 extractions) that was modeled after the complexity of a higher quality Malaysian oud.  

All together, this is perhaps the “prettiest” TSVGA offering (maybe tied with Sundress), that is just pure bliss in a bottle.  This is perfect for the hotter weather.  

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