Tsvga is the tribute to the name of this very brand. As expansive as the spiritual journey has been, it has been equally important to ground and integrate. Connecting with nature is where this happens. Mother nature takes everything going on with you, will caress you in your time of need, and help you move through it all with grace. She has so many beautiful smells… it would be an injustice to say I could fully capture that beauty in a liquid. You just have to go out in the woods and smell it for yourself. I did my best though, to capture as much of it as I could. I got as close as I could. As an artist, creations rarely, if ever, feel complete. At some point you just have to stop and call it finished for what it is. So this is it. My coniferous contribution.

There are so many ingredients in this fragrance… but to sum it up… this is a forest in a bottle. The main ingredient is a hemlock needle / tsvga extract I made myself and lots of hemlock needle / tsvga tincture. The diluent is entirely made up of tinctures I have made since I began perfuming. Most of the tinctures are of ingredients I have gathered in my local forests the past several years and represent many magical journeys in the woods through many phases I have been through during this time. No other fragrance I have created embodies this many hours and memories. The only animalic musk used in this is castoreum, as it is a musk that was harvested local to me by the state-hired habitat preservation trapper, so it is about as ethical as it gets, and this ingredient would just be discarded otherwise.

This is strictly all things you would find and smell while walking in the forest. There are no added ingredients to make this smell more like a “perfume.” I do not wish to smell like a perfume with this. I wish to smell like a walking forest. Allow your nose to take in that natural beauty and leave whats in it more of a mystery. Smell the fresh breeze blowing through the trees. Smell the dry bark and the dry leaves on the ground. Smell the damp soil. Smell the conifers up close. Smell the crisp and fresh, yet jammy and juicy smell that inspired the name of the brand: the Tsvga trees that grow abundantly in New England.

As another tribute to the brand, this fragrance will come in the original style bottles from launch. The day one edition comes with the wrapped caps for those buying on release day. After that, it will just come with gold cap.

Pure Parfum concentration (about 25% essential oils, absolutes, co2 extractions, about 75% tinctures). 100% Natural

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