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Burley Tobacco Absolute 15ml


Bought from Hermitage in Bulk. I have a bunch leftover since i bought too much for Pipe.

Here is their description:

“Burley tobacco absolute smells warm, masculine, rich, exuding a faint caramel and tonka bean sweetness. Excellent longevity, easily detectable on my smelling strip after five days. Dry out is earthy, agrestic and just unmistakably, distinctively gorgeous, …. tobacco. Produced by solvent extracting dried tobacco leaves (Burley variety), viscous liquid and the colour is dark greenish brown to black-brown.”

Botanical Name: Nicotiana tabacum

Origin: Bulgaria


Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

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Wine and Chocolate 2


This all-natural re-creation is quite different from the original… and significantly better/higher quality. Much more smooth and rich in cacao. Doesn’t have those sharp turpenic and sour notes like the original. I did not use wine to make an absolute this time (because who knows what was in that cheap wine😂). Instead, I made a floral wine accord with Valerian, Davana, White Cognac, Rose, Jasmine Grandiflorum, White Champaca, Red Champaca, and other secrets I shall not reveal… overall, significantly more expensive to produce than the original. Enjoy.

Notes/ingredients: Natural Floral Wine Accord, Cacao Absolute, Cranberry, Strawberry, Black Current, Amber, Mysore Sandalwood, Oakwood, Cedar, Tonka, Vanilla, Natural Sweet Caramel Accord, and a touch of Burley Tobacco. Just yum.

All natural. Vegan.

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Orange Blossom Absolute 15ml


Absolutely gorgeous 100% pure and natural orange blossom absolute from Spain. My favorite of all the orange blossoms available

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Animals of Fiona


Another way to experience the iconic scent from TSVGA. You can now experience the beautiful Ouds and Florals of Fiona… paired individual with musks in this sampler. Available until Fiona Attar runs out!

The set comes with 6 different bottles with sprayers. Each is 15-20% of the attar, and the remainder (the dilution) is a musk tincture.


Fiona’s Beaver, Fiona’s Deer, Fiona’s Civet, Fiona’s Hyrax, Fiona’s Muskrat, Fiona’s Goat

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King of Pipe


King of Pipe #1. 50ml (current batch)

This special version of Pipe is even HEAVIER on the tobacco. Each bottle will contain the regular extrait, PLUS: 2 more grams of the Burley tobacco absolute, 1 more gram of the Virginia tobacco absolute, and 2 more grams of a mix of some other tobacco absolutes I have, including a very special one that was not used in Pipe. This will equate to a ratio of 90% Pipe extrait and 10% added tobacco absolutes. This will result in an even thicker extrait. If Pipe didn’t already wear the crown in your collection for tobacco fragrances, King of Pipe surely will. In my opinion, this is an improvement for Pipe. It is much more smooth and rich.

Each batch is only 6 bottles.

King of Pipe #2

Will come once batch 1 sells out and will have variations…

will update immediately once batch 1 sells out and create batch 2

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Civet 1:40 tincture


Tincture aged 2 years. Amazing genuine civet

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Collaboration with Ananda Wilson of Gather Perfumes

An original fall feast of sweet and savory delicacies. Built on a foundation of our roasted nut accord including hazelnut and pistachio, you’ll be led through the soft and nuanced phases of each olfactory course. Special features: our in-house goldenrod distillation from local flowers we gathered, a tempered floral heart with tuberose, genet and tagetes, gourmet artisan made truffle tincture, and a cozy fall accord with faint nuances of coffee, tobacco and smooth woods. This perfume is held in a base of all aromatic botanical tinctures for both breadth and depth while keeping the mood intimate and comforting. Light handed warm spices bring this cornucopia to its fullest.  

15ml. Very limited.

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Fiona Attar


No alcohol. No animalics. Pure Essential oils and absolutes with zero carrier oils.

A more rounded version of Fiona with an added touch of Burley Tobacco absolute, Frankincense absolute (sacra and serrata), Clove Bud absolute, and Citrus. Same blend of florals, with increased champaca and frangipani, and added rose otto. Replaced Laos Oud with a nice smooth Trat Oud. Increased sandalwood.


If you are unfamiliar with Fiona, this is a version made without the “darker side” (tons of animalics). So this includes (along with the above mentioned additions):

Hindi Oud, Vietnam Oud, Oakmoss Absolute, Vanilla absolute from France, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute, Rose Absolute from Morocco, White Champaca essential oil, Red Champaca Absolute, White Lotus Absolute, Pink Lotus Absolute, Ylang Ylang Complete, Ylang Ylang Absolute, Frangipani Absolute

note: the picture shows the bottle filled with 5g. 3g and 4g come in same bottle, so level will look lower

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