Fiona Gone Wild


The Pure Parfum version of Fiona.

20% Fiona Attar, 80% Musk tinctures. A 4x stronger version of Fiona, that is even more animalic than any previous version. See details for Fiona Attar in that listing to note details and variations from the original.

You have the ability to customize it, making it semi-bespoke and choosing which animal musks you wish to be more pronounced. Just leave your wishes in the note at check out. Know that Ambergris is not an option to be most pronounced, because the strong florals really overpower it and it is just a waste. Customizing it gets your name on the back of the bottle as well, so be sure to let me know which name you wish to be on it.

If you choose the regular version, then you get a version that highlights the 6 main animals of Fiona pretty evenly (see “Animals Of Fiona”): Deer Musk, Civet, Hyraceum, Castoreum, Muskrat, Goat.

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